Young, Rosanna

ALOB, Vol. X #4, p. 89-36:
“p. 148.  5 March 1851.  I,Rosanna Young, widow & Relict of John Young.  Do make this as my last will & testament.  I give to my dtr. Mary Edmonston the money placed by me in the hands of David Gerren with the interest being $195.10 also $100 paid to me from the sale of the real estate of my sister Mary Hemphill.  I give to my son Thomas L. Young $100 due me from the proceeds of the sale above mentioned also to my granddaughter Martha Ann Edmonston the balance of the sum coming to me.
I appoint Joshua Roberts as my executor.
Wit:  Andrew Hemphill, jurrett & Louisa X Hampton..
Signed Rosanna X Young..
Proved by the oath of Andrew Hemphill this June term 1851..  R.B. Vance..”

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