Wilson, John

ALOB, Vol. X #4, pp. 89-36 & 89-37:
“p. 149.  22 May 1851..  I, John Wilson, being in good health and of perfect mind & memory.  I will unto my beloved wife Susannah Wilson all my household & kitchen furniture & to be disposed of as she chooses, also the tract of land whereon I now live during her natural life containing 150 acres, being the balance of the tract that I bought from Thomas Foster & not conveyed by me to my son F.M. Wilson.  One horse, two cows & calves, one sow & pigs, a two horse wagon & gear & my tools.  I give the tract of land I left to my wife during her natural life to be the property of my son Samuel W. Wilson forever.  The remainder of my property to be sold & all my just debts be paid.  The personal property to be sold after her death & the proceeds of such sale when collected be equally divided between my dtrs. Polly Johnston & Nancy E. Davison.
I appoint Joshua Roberts as executor.  Wit:  R.W. Roberts & Elias I. Humphrey..
Signed John Wilson..
Proved by the oath of P.W. Roberts[sic] in open court this Sept. term 1851.  R.B. Vance..”

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