Williamson, Robert

ALOB, Vol. X #7, p. 89-67:
“p. 164.  22 March 1851..  I, Robert Williamson, being of sound mind and memory.  I desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid from my estate.  I give to my beloved wife Elizabeth Williamson all my estate both real & personal, consisting of land, negroes, horses, cattle & other stock, farming tools, carpenter tools household & kitchen furniture with all my notes & accounts to her and her heirs forever and I empower[sic] her to dispose of any or all of said property by will or deed or any other manner as she may think best after my death subject however to the following exception only.  I give unto Elizabeth Brank my negro woman named Matilda to have & to hold forever after the death of my beloved wife.  I desire that my negro George at my wife’s death if not disposed of before or during her life shall be permitted to choose his own master.
I appoint my trusty friend John M. Brank & Marcus Erwin both of Buncombe County as my sole executors to carry out this my last will.
Wit:  J.M. Penland & James McFee..
Signed Robert X Williamson….”

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