Williamson, Elijah

ALOB, Vol. VIII #5, p. 87-83:
“p. 50.  15 February 1837..  I, Elijah Williamson, being of sound mind and memory.  First I will that my just debts to be paid, and all debts due me to be collected with all dispatch.  I will unto my beloved wife Sarah Williamson during her natural life such part of the improved land and orchards for her support, also negroes Larken, Patience, Esther and her child Patsey and one half of all my cattle, horses, sheep and hogs, with half of the household and kitchen furniture.  I will unto my dtr. Minerva Patton and her heirs forever the plantation whereon I now live, with all other real estate lying in Buncombe County, subject to the land I gave unto my wife Sarah.  Also the following negroes, Alsey and her husband Will, Suly and Sam after the death of my wife and half of the household and kitchen furniture.  Should my dtr. Minerva die without heir then the property given her to be divided among my dtrs. Rachel Posey, Rebecca Kimzey & Stacy Taylor and Melindy Henry and their heirs forever.  I give unto Melinda Henry one negro woman named Lucy and all her chn. she now has and what she may have hereafter, also negro boy named Jim with what property heretofore given her deceased husband John Henry.  I give unto my dtr. Stacy Taylor and her heirs forever two negroes, Agg and Hett with their increase except Jim.  I will unto my grandson Williamson Posey in trust for my dtr. Rachel Posey during her time all that part of a tract of land I bought from Benjamin Posey which lies on the south side of Mud Creek, one negro girl named Sydney with her increase.  Reserving the right of keeping a fish trap on Mud Creek without hinderance.  At the death of my dtr. Rachel Posey the land and negroes to be the property of said Williamson Posey forever.  I will unto my grandson Williamson Kinzey[sic] in trust for my dtr. Rebecca Kimzey four tracts of land on waters of Mud Creek, one tract of 50 acres granted to Daniel Sullivan, one tract of 100 acres granted to Samuel Murray, Senr.  One tract of 100 acres granted to Samuel Murray, Junr.  One tract I bought from John Wyatt supposed to contain 130 acres, one other tract I bought from Bassul B. Edmanston and leased to one John Clark, Senr. also negroes Esther and her child.  At the death of my dtr. Rebecca Kimzey the property to belong to Williamson Kimzey, Gardner Kimzey and Humphry Kimzey my grandsons.  I will unto my two grandsons Benjamin Posey and Erwin Posey two cows now in possession of Benjamin Posey, Senr… 
I  appoint Joshua Roberts and Pidilio Patton executors. 
Wit; Jas. M. Smith and M.B. Patton, Jurat.. 
Proved in County Court. Oct. Session 1837 on oath of M.B. Patton and executors qualified.”

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