Whitmire, Christopher

ALOB, Vol. VIII #5, p. 87-73:
“p. 47.  29 March 1837..  I, Christopher Whitmire, being sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory.  I give unto my beloved wife Elizabeth my dwelling house and all furniture belonging to the same, also all horses, cattle, sheep and hogs and a negro woman named Milly during her life time, then divided between the three youngest sons, William, John and George Washing-  ton also my plantation and tools during her life time, then divided among the three named sons at her death.  I give my son Richard a tract of land lying on both sides of the middle fork of French Broad River which I have made him a title to and one dollar in cash.  I give unto my son Andrew $1.  I give unto my ??  Christopher a tract of land joining my son Andrew lying on both sides of French Broad River.  I give unto my dtr. Rebecca $1. I give unto my dtr. Jane $1 (repeated)  I give unto my dtr. Christina $1. 
(Executor not named).
 Wit; William Paxton and Sally M. Paxton.. 
Christopher Whitmire.. 
Proved in open court April Session 1837 by Wm. Paxton a witness and ordered to be recorded.”

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