Whitesides, John B.

ALOB, Vol. XI #4, p. 90-34:
“p. 213.  28 Dec. 1859..  I, John B. Whitesides, do make this as my last will and testament.  First I desire that all my just debts be paid & the residue of my estate both real & personal I give as follows..  I give & bequeath to my beloved wife Cathaline M. the plantation whereon I now live during her natural life for the support of herself and such of the children that may remain with her in lieu of dower, being all the perishable property on said plantation at my death, also I desire that no inventory or sale be made except at the descretion[sic] of my beloved wife..  At the death of my wife I give, devise and bequeath all the plantation with rights, interest or claims to our seven sons viz:  Henry Clay, James Hardy, Charles Lincoln, Frank Patton, Simpson Jarrett, William Ratcliff and John Bowan Whitesides to share & share alike..  In case my wife should contract a second marriage the husband shall be restrained from cutting & selling timber, clearing land and selling fire wood & all improper use of said plantation.  I will & desire that my son Henry C. the right to build for himself a small house & out houses as he may need near the rock spring at the head of the mill dam..  I also desire that the rent from the lots in Asheville to be used for the support of my wife and family..  To my son-in-law Sampson Reid of Blairsville, Sampson County, Ga. my two old negroes Dick & Sarah, also one fourth part of the two lots in Asheville in trust for the exclusinve benefit of S. Richardson & her children..  The remaining three fourths I give unto my other three dtrs. (Nancy) C.M. Reid, wife of S. Reid of Blairsville, Ga., C.E. King wife of W.R. King of Hill County state of Texas and M.E. Ratcliff wife of J.T. Ratcliff living in the last named County & State, to go to the possession on the first day of March 1862..  The said negroes Dick & Sarah to go in possession of my dtr. E.S. Richardson & her children six months after my death..
I appoint Dr. James F.E. Hrdy[sic] & A.S. Merrimon as executors.
Wit:  W.B. Reid & J.B. Wolf.
Signed, John B. Whitesides…
Proved in open court 12 Oct. 1860…”

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