White, Ann Eliza

ALOB, Vol. X #3, p. 89-26:
“p. 140.  6 June 1848.  I, Ann Eliza White, being of sound & perfect mind.  I give to my brother Lawrence Gahagan all he owes me, which is set forth in a note of hand he gave me when me & him settled.  I will to my brother Mathias Gahagan after he pays to my estate $400, all the balance he owes me.  I next will to my sister Sarah Swafford, my cloak, one bed, two quilts, two sheets & pillows.  I next will to the needy poor preachers of the gospel.  The balance of my estate to my brother Geo. W. Gahagan three chn. viz:  Napoleon B., Andrew J., & Ann Eliza Gahagan for their education if necessary.
Wit: Hester Barnard & George W. Gahagan, Jurett..
Signed Ann Eliza White..
Proved by the oath of George W. Gahagan in open court this Oct. term 1849. R.B. Vance..”

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