Whitaker, William

ALOB, Vol. XI #4, p. 90-33:
“p. 211.  26 Oct. 1856..  I, William Whitaker, being of sound mind & memory. First I desire that my executors to pay all my just debts and furneral charges from the first money that come to their hands..  I give & devise unto my beloved wife Susanna 50 acres of land laid out so as to include all my buildings and stock, cattle and horses my two sons William and Noah to have the care of them, and for her support all my household & kitchen furniture during her widowhood or natural life and then all but the land and farming tools to be sold & the proceeds equally divided between Jane & Dier and William as for Billinda McRasy, Elizabeth Clarke, Emily Sorrels, Mary Sorrels I think they have their share in my estate..  I also give to my second son Lot a tract of land including the improvements known as the Posey Old place and joining L.C. Clayton line..  I also give to my third son Jesse all the tract of land where he now lives, joinings Sally Jinkens line..  I also give to my two youngest sons William & Noah all the rest of my land whereon I now live & my tools after the death of my beloved wife.  I desire that my four sons take all the care they can of their eldest brother Ambros as he is insane..  As to Susanna and Sargam I wish to help them, I give them ten dollars each & if I fail to do so, I wish it to be taken from William and Noah share..
I appoint my two sons William and Noah as executors.
Wit: John Lanning & Joseph Lanning both jurets..
Signed William X Whitaker..

CODICIL..  Made 6 March 1859..  I, William Whitaker do make this codicil as part of my will dated 26 Oct. 1856 as circumstance has changed I do hereby wish & desire that the 50 acres of land willed to my son Jesse now to be the property of his heirs in fee simple forever and that my son Jesse wife Manera be allowed to culivate[sic] and live on the same during her widowhood or lifetime..
Wit; John Lanning & Joseph Lanning both juret..  Proved in open
court July term 1860 by John & Joseph Lanning.. J.T. Weaver, clk…”

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