Whitaker, William, Senr.

ALOB, Vol. XI #3, p. 90-23:
“p. 202.  24 Dec. 1849..  I, William Whitaker, Senr. being aged and infirm but of perfect mind & memory.  First I desire that all my lawfull debts be paid..  I give to my son Henry the land where I now live and my saw mill, still & ware and large chain and all that belongs to the saw mill, my waggon[sic] and I think he ought to pay to my three other sons Joshua, William and James the sum of twenty four dollars each in trade within twelve months after my decease, the payment to James only to made on condition that he apply for the same.  I give to my son Joshua my cross cut saw, my gold seal..  I give to my son William all that tract of land I bought from N. Blackstock & known as my mountain land..  I also give to my daughter Sarah one pair of gear for farming purpose, one plow and work beast if I have one at my death also loom & harness and such article as belonging also my clock and cubboard[sic] and flaxwheel also my household & kitchen furniture..  I give to my daughters Sarah, Martha, Margaret and Mary eight dollars worth of corn, which is allotted to them..  To my grandson Columbus one hoe & mattock and to my grandson Henry I give one mattock & my axe & hoe and to the black boy Burton that lives with me, I give him his axe, hoe & mattock..  The remainder of my tools to be divided among my chn.
I appoint my sons Joshua and Henry Whitaker as executors.
Wit:  E. Reed & John Lanning, juret..
Signed William Whitaker..

(CODICIL) 24 Jan. 1854.  Having made my will on the 24 Dec. 1849, circumstances has changed & I do make this as my a codicil to my last will.  I therefore will & direct that the same 40 acres of land whereon I now live purchased from David Vance & James Hall as agents (described) joining Joshua Whitaker, Senr. line, which was bequeath to my son Henry, but now, I bequeath the same 40 acres to my dtr. Sarah (as I am in my old age & afflictions at her entire truble[sic] and expense) also for my dtr. Sarah to have a beast, I have already given her one.  I also revoke the clouse[sic] where Henry to pay his three brothers the sum of $24.  I also revoke the clouse[sic] where I gave my son William the land bought from Blackstock, I now will the same to my three sons Joshua, William & Henry to be divided between them.
Wit; E. Reed & Jno. Lanning, juret..
Signed Wm. Whitaker..
Proved by the oath of John Lanning & E. Reed..  J.G. Weaver, clk..”

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