Wheeler Gosnell Cemetery


 From 25-70 take Lonesome Mountain Road, #1319. Travel .5 miles and turn right under the house drive. Do NOT recommend driving because there is very limited turn space. The cemetery is just a short distance from the main road.
Gosnell Mary( Bullman) 12/23/1856 1/3/1931 (Soloman)
Gosnell Sarah 1857 8/12/1927 (W.H.)
Gosnell Soloman 1854 1929 (Mary B)
Gosnell W.H. 1847 6/23/1932 (Sarah G.)
Gunter Polly  1835 1918
Laws C.A. nd nd (handcarved)
Thomas J.W. 4/19/1904 1/16/1910 son C.J.& B.
Thomas  Clearsie  10/4/1915  3/3/1919 dau. C.J.& B.
Thomas  Mae Gosnell  10/5/1889 (William)
Thomas  Malin 10/19/1908 6/1/1917 dau. C.J.& B.
Thomas  William Bartley 1/17/1887 5/27/1962 (Mae G.)
Thomas  William E. 10/4/1915 11/2/1918  son C.J.& B.
Chandler Tishie  4/22/1884 1/20/1903 (Greeley)
Gosnell Simon (Semon) ND ND UNMARKED

There are 25 plus graves with stones and no markings.

SPECIAL NOTES!! Everything enclosed in ( ) is NOT printed on the marker. This information has been provided by a family member to aid future generations with the identification of the individual. Survey completed: June, 1997: James and Jeanette Plemmons,  Jan Warren, Jan Plemmons 1028 St. Clair St.,  Jacksonville Fl.    32254

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