West, John

ALOB, Vol. XI #7, p. 90-64:
“p. 228..  19 April 1862..  The last will & testament of John West.  Being about to leave home for the seat of war and having in view the great uncertaioly[sic] of life in the army, I deem it prudent and just to make such disposition of my estate in the event of my death as will provide for the support of my wife & infant children..  Therefor..  I, John West, of the County of Buncombe, State of North Carolina, do make & publish this my last will & testament..  I direct that all my just debts shall be paid.  Then I give & devise all my real estate to my wife Sarah Jane for life, remainder to my heirs at law and I further give to my said wife all my personal estate including all debts & claims in action, to my said wife absolutely with a view to her own comfort and enable her to properly raise and educate my children under age.  Lastly, I bequeath to my dear wife and children the blessing of an affectionate husband and parant[sic].
I appoint my said wife my executrix.
Wit; A.S. Merrimon & T.W. Atkin..
Sgn. John West..
Probate in June term 1864..”

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