West, Henry

ALOB, Vol. X #3, p. 89-25:
“p. 136.  15 Sept. 1836..  I, Henry West, being of sound mind and memory.  I give unto Jane Wilson widow and Ilbe Hamby? each one half of the following tracts of land to wit:  #1.  Joining lands of Wilsons corner, Henry West line, William Forster line containing 100 acres entered 18 Dec. 1830 & granted 22 Dec. 1831.  #2.  Joinings Forster Creek, to Harry West & Daniel Smith land to Lick Branch, containing 60 or 65 acres & granted to Henry West 6 Jan. 1794.  #3.  Joining Henry West old line & containing 100 acres & granted to Henry West 9 Dec. 1795.
I appoint Jane Wilson as executrix.
Wit:  M. Patton, Jurett & Fidile Patton..
Signed Henry West…
Proved by the oath of M. Patton this July term 1849 & ordered to be recorded.  Alex. Henry, clk..”

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