Wells, Leander J.

ALOB, Vol. X #3, pp. 89-25 & 89-26:
“p. 139.  12 Aug. 1849.  I, Leander J. Wells, being sick & afflicted in body but of sound & disposing mind & memory.  I desire that all my just debts to be paid by my executors and I do appoint my brothers B.F. Wells & R.P. Wells as executors.  There are unsettled debts and accounts between myself and Pearce Roberds so I direct my executors to sell as much of my property as necessary to settle with him, & to collect all debts due to me and apply to the payment of my debts.  The balance of my estate both real & personal I give to my beloved wife during her natural life or widowhood except the tract whereon I now live, the tract that my father gave me.  I desire that my beloved wife Mary Louisa have possession of & proffit[sic] until my son Swan Franklin Wells shall arrive at the age of twenty-one years, then he is to have full possession of the same.  The remainder of my property to be held by my wife till death & then equally divided among all my children, in case of my wife marriage I desire her to have only a child part.
Wit:  P. Roberds Jurett & James Gudger, Jurett..
Signed L.J. Wells.
Proved by the oath of James Gudger & Pearce Roberds this Saturday 13 Oct. 1849 and ordered to be
recorded..  R.B. Vance, clk..”

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