Weaver, John

from ALOB, Vol. VII, #1, p. 86-5:
“p. 4-5  10-May 1830..  I, John Weaver, being of sound mind & memory.  My will is that should I decease first that my property be keep[sic] as is now under the care & controll[sic] of my son Montraville Weaver for the maintenance of my wife Elizabeth during her life.  At her decease, I give to my son Montraville Weave the land whereon I now live, containing 672 acres with all that belongs to it for ever.
I give unto my six dtrs. Susannah, Christina, Mary, Elizabeth, Matilda and Catharine all my household furniture to be equally divided at their mother’s discretion.
I give the balance of my personal property of negroes, stock, farming tools, still and such like to my sons & dtrs. Jacob, James, John & Christopher G. Weaver, Susannah McCarson, Christina Vance, Mary Addington, Catharine Pickens, Elizabeth Wills and Matilda Garretson at the death of their mother, Montraville having his share in the land.
I ordain my sons Jacob & John Weaver as executors..  Wit:  Seth Alexander, John Chambers & G.M. Daniel…  Signed, John X Weaver….  Proved in open Court by all wittnessess[sic] & ordered recorded.”

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