Wasson, William

ALOB, Vol. X #10, p. 89-96:
“p. 182.  9 June 1856..  I,William Wasson, being of sound and memory do make this as my last will & testament in manner & form.  I give to my beloved wife Rebecca Wasson & my daughter Elizabeth T. Merrell wife of David Merrell equally, after paying all my just debts & funeral expenses all the money & cash notes oweing[sic] & due to me to be divided between my said wife & daughter.  I give to my beloved wife my negroes, Jude and Bazzel also a girl named Celia & a boy named Samuel for her use & benefit during her natural life & at her death to be the property of my dtr. Elizabeth T. Merrell, in case my wife should marry again the said negroes to belong to my dtr. Elizabeth Merrell.  I give to my said dtr. negroes Hariet & George both are now living with David & E.T. Merrell also my two small children of Jude to belong to my dtr. Elizabeth Merrell.  I give to my beloved dtr. Elizabeth the four lots & the two fractions lots that I possesse[sic] in Henderson County & in the town of Hendersonville, all the property both real & personal to belong to my said dtr. during her natural life & then to her heirs forever, but in case she does not have bodly[sic] heirs, then the property to be equally divided among her fathers heirs at law..  I give to my beloved wife all other property both real & personal after my death, including my house place where I now live with all land & tenements in my possession during her natural life or widowhood.
I appoint my brother Henry Wasson as my executor.
 Wit:  Michael Sheral & W.J. Brown..
Signed William Wasson..
Proved in open court by the oath of W.J. Brown in the Oct. term 1856..  R.B. Vance, clk…”

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