Warren, Robert

ALOB, Vol. IX #1, p. 88-9:
“p. 101.  25 Nov. 1844.. Robert Warren, being in my proper mind and good sense.  I will unto my beloved wife Elizabeth three cows, the brown mare, also one sow & pigs, two yews, also the household & kitchen furniture during her life time or widowhood at her death to be sold and equally divided between the three girl..  I will unto my son Andrew the upper part of my place, described, and half of the place on Glady Fork on Hominy bought from Hiram Carland.  I will to my son James the place he lives now by the name of the Luck Place of 100 acres.  I will unto my son William the home place except 40 acres and the half of the place on Glady ford of 50 acres.  I will to my sons Daniel and Robert Warren 40 acres of land part of the place and where the widow of Daniel Warren now lives, described, the widow of Daniel Warren to have her home on the place during her widowhood or conducts herself prudently.  I will to my dtr. Mary Maria the clay bank mare, bridle & saddle, one cow, one sow, the spotted heifer bought of Andrew Warren.  The mill to be divided between Andrew James and William the waggon to remain on the place for all to use.. 
No executor named. 
Wit; Alex McFee & G.W. Howell. 
Signed Robert Warren.. 
Jan. term 1845.  The foregoing will was proven by oath of Alexander McFee and admitted of Record..  N. Harrision, Clk.”

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