Walton Family Bible Records

This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between H. (Henry) S. Walton of Buncombe County and Laura A. Wilson of Buncombe County on December 20th, 1882 at home by W. H. Green, Esq. Witnesses were J. W. Howell and J. F. Gudger.

H. S. Walton was born Dec. 21" 1847
Laura Walton was born May 28" 1860.
Gertrude Walton was born Nov. 19" (blot)
Walter W. Walton was born February 1" 1886
Mabel Walton was born July 28th, 1888
Blanche Walton was born Dec. the 23rd 1893
Henry Lee Walton was born Aprile the 11th 1896
Herman H. Walton was bord May the 31st 1899

Waitstle W. Walton died Febr 19, 1889
Mabel Walton died March 20, 1889
Herman Walton dies Sept. 23 1900
Henry S Walton died Jan 19th, 1940
Laura W. Walton died Jan. 2, 1946
Harry Lee Walton died Sept. 15, 1956
Gertrude Walton died July 23, 1971
Blanche Walton Wilson died June 2, 1974

Source: OBCGS Vertical files
--ALOB, November 1998

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