Vance, Priscilla

from ALOB, vol. Viii #4, p. 87-55:
“p. 38.  2 may 1835..  I, Priscilla Vance, widow and relict of the late David Vance, deceased, being aged and frail in body but of sound and disposing mind and memory.  first I give unto my son David Vance one Negro woman named Leah now in his possession.  I give the proceeds of a Negro boy named Tim. to my grandchildren, the chn. Of George Whitson & his wife Priscilla Whitson both now deceased, to be equally divided among them.  I desire that my Negroes Aggy and her two chn. Being a boy named Hudson & a girl named Ann, to remain with Aggy during her lifetime, then to be sold at sale and the proceeds divided amongest my four dtrs.  to wit:  Jane Davidson, Sarah McClain, Elizabeth Davidson and Celia Brittain.  I desire that my dtr. Sarah McClain to have $100 more than the others.  I give unto my dtr. Jane Davidson one Negro girl named Jane, now in her possession.  I give unto my dtr. Celia Brittain one Negro boy named Isham now in her possession. I give unto my dtr. Sarah McClain one Negro boy named Wilson now in her possession.  I give unto my dtr. Elizabeth Davidson a Negro boy named Washington now in her pos- session.  such money as I may be lawful claiment of from my son Robt. B. Vance, estate, I desire to be equally divided among my lawful heirs. 
I appoint my son David Vance & Nehemiah Blackstock as executors.. 
wit:  J. C.. Baird & Wm. P. Bassett..
signed Priscilla Vance..

p. 40.  1 oct. 1835..  codicil to the foregoing will of Priscilla Vance the testator, to prevent any difficulty among my dear children after my decease. Have this day come to a settlement with my son David and estimate the amount due me under the will of my son Robert, on account of interest & profits in the amount of $775 after deducting the expenses of Priscilla’s chn.  during four years and my own for eight years for which sum he has given his note. It is my will & do hereby direct the sum expressed in the said _____?  my son David shall pay $25 to each of my grandchildren to wit.  Robert Davidson the son of W. M.. Davidson, to Phillip v. Brittain son of Benj. S. Brittain, to Robert Vance son of David Vance and he shall divide the remainder among all my heirs at law himself included.  wit:  J. M. Baird & James M. Tate..  signed Priscilla Vance..  Oct. Session 1835.  the foregoing will was proved on oath of Joseph C Baird & the codicil was proved on oath of James M. Baird…”

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