Trosper, Peter & Rebecca (Logan) Bible Record

11 May  1987

To Gerald Brown:
Great News!
Clara Hayes has come up with something no one else seems to have found.  Bible Record of Peter & Rebecca (Logan) Trosper.  She says she found it some time ago at the Fort Wayne, IN Library.  She probably did not realize the full significance of it, or that it was not generally available information… As soon as I wrote her about my puzzle and told her I needed proof that my “Polly H. Trosper” was the child of Peter and Rebecca, she came through with this informative evidence.It not only solves my problem, it tells that Mary “Polly’s” middle name is Hollan.  Now, there’s a clue for you!  It gives dates of birth, marriage, and death of both Peter and Rebecca, as well as birth dates for all their children.

And, it clears up a discrepancy between the 1840 and 1850 census for this family.  For instance, James was Jane (Sarah Jane).

The Bible data was copied and submitted by one E. C. Turner, apparently a descendant of Green Turner and Matilda Trosper.

I believe this is authentic.  It would surely not be necessary to as “Hollan” in order to make it seem believable, even if one were inclined to fabricate.

Pat Mellor sent copies of this letter to Wanda Clark, Lucille McTawney, Karen Cooper, Knox Co., Genealogical Society and Clara B. Hayes.

Patricia Mellor was contacted, asking her if we might include this information in ALOB.  She said, “Yes” and added the following:
“A couple of years later, through the efforts of James C. Delph of Gray County, KY, I (Pat Mellor) was able to locate E. C. Turner who had the original Bible.  “Jay” persuaded E. C. to let him make photocopies of the Bible:  he sent a set of pages to me.  These pages verify the transcript which E. C. had made.  E. C. Turner died at Gray, KY a few years, leaving no heirs, and I do not know what happened to the Trosper Bible.”

Peter Trosper and Rebecca Logan were married 25 Oct 1820.  In this union the following children were born:

Mary Hollan Trosper
12 Sep 1821
Minerva Trosper
  08 Feb 1823
Elisa Trosper
12 Sep 1824
James Henry Trosper
25 Dec 1827
Elija Trosper
25 Nov 1829
Sarah Jane Trosper
24 Feb 1832
Margaret Trosper
12 Mar 1834
Martha Ann Trosper
20 Oct 1836
Elizabeth Trosper
25 Nov 1838
Franklin Trosper
08 Jun 1840
Malinda Trosper
04 Dec 1843

Peter Trosper was born 15 Apr 1800.
Peter Trosper died 03 Mar 1862.
Rebecca Logan Trosper was born 22 Apr 1802.
Rebecca Logan Trosper died 25 Jun 1888.

E. C. Turner
27 May 1973

This information is included in the Hyatt Collection given to OBCGS by Gerald Brown. Pat Mellor, 5829 Riverside Lane, Fort Myers, FL 33919-2505.  Ms. Mellor resides in Highlands, NC during the summer months.

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