Trantham, Joseph

ALOB, Vol. X #3, pp. 89-26 & 89-27:
“p. 142.  10 Feb. 1850.  I, Joseph Trantham, being far advance in life and resting under sore & heavy afflications[sic] but of a perfect mind & memory. First I give to my beloved wife Mary Tranthan all that tract of land whereon I now live during her natural life as far up as the fork of the creek, I also give her my sorrel mare, two milk cows, my stock of sheep, all my hogs, my farming tools also my house hold & kitchen furniture.  I desire & will that all my just debts to be paid.  I give to my dtr. Elizabeth Edwards 50 acres of land lying at the head of Flat Broad.  I give to my dtr. Belinda Suttles 50 acres being the middle 50 acres of my mountain land.  I give to my dtr. Minerva Wallace the remaining 50 acres of my mountain tract.  I give to my son Joshua Trantham 50 acres joining William Whitaker line & near the salt log.  I give to my three youngest sons to wit:  James, Thomas & David all the remaining mountain land to be equally divided among them according to valuation, also the place where I now live after the death of my wife Mary also my small bored rifle gun and to my son Jepthey I give the young horse he took away with him.  I also give to my son Riley & daughter Margaret $30 each also $15 to my two grandchildren Joshua & Amy Grant.  The above sums of money to be raised from the sale of my brown mare, two cows & my rifle gun.
I appoint Eldad Reed & Joshua Grant as my executors.
Wit; Jacob Reed, jurret, John X Right, jurret & Andrew Grant..
Signed Joseph X Tranthan..
Proved in open court by the oath of Jacob Reed, John Right this July term 1850.  R.B. Vance, clk…”

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