Thrash, Valentine

from ALOB, Vol. VII #2, p. 86-15:
“p. 35.  28 Jan. 1829..  I, Valentine Thrash, being of sound mind & memory, and enjoying moderate health of body.  All my just debts are to be paid first.  I give unto my affectionate wife Barbara Thrash my dwelling house, kitchen, any garden, except one bed & furniture, also her horse, saddle & bridle and her cow during her widowhood.
I give unto my grandson John Thrash, Junr., my farm being in two tracts, with all farming tools both farming and mechanical, also my horses, cattle, sheep and hogs, also the crop of grain that may be on the land, one good bed & furniture to possess and enjoy forever.
I appoint my grandson John Thrash, Junr., executor..  With:  Nathan Harrison, John Reynolds & Jesse Roberts.. 
Signed, Valentine X Thrash.. 
Executor sworn 22 April 1835..  Proved on oath (in open) Court by John Reynolds in Apr. 1835.”

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