Tate/Tait Family Bible

located in Elbert County, GA.
Robert L. Tait, born 27th day of July 1765 M: 16th day of Dec, 1791 Martha Brewer, born, 12 Sep 1770
Sally R. Tait, born 12 Feb 1796
Polly Lea Tait, born 10 Jan 1799
Edmond Brewer Tait, born 8 Apr 1801
Martha Tait, born 29 Sep 1803; died 30 Sep 1810
Nancy Tait, born 7Apr 1806
Frances Harriet Tait, born 4 Aug 1808
Elizabeth Tait, born 29 Sep 1810
Elmira Tait, born 4 Mar 1813
Martha Brewer Tait died 3 Apr 1840
Robert L. Tait was married to his wife Mary ______ 13 Aug 1840
Sally R. Tait married 3 Sep ? to _______
Polly Lea Tait married Thomas Richard

Issue: Robert Lee Richard, born June 17, 1819

William B. Richard, born May 7, 1821
Martha Kendall Richard, born Feb 18, 1823
John Perry Richard, born Jan 23, 1825
Elizabeth Haskins Richard, born Mar 11, 1827
Edmond Brewer Tait, married Mahaleth Fortson, 16 Oct 1823

Martha E. Tate, born Oct 17, 1825 Married William Stone
Robert Fortson Tate, born Sep 18, 1827 married Ellen Wooten
Rachel Mildred Tate, born Dec 12, 1830 married W. T. Harris
Benjamin Henry Tate, born Jan 28, 1833 Moved to Mississippi
William Thomas Tate, born__ 17, 1835 Killed in War between States
James Easter Tate
Enos Richard Tate Killed in war between States
Edmond Brewer Tate, born Apr 2, 1841 Wounded in war and married Ella Gertrude
Mathews, Dec 18, 1866.
Jasper Storey Tate
John Shackleford Tate, born May 10, 1847 married Fannie Herndon
Asa Chandler Tate
Elmira H. Tait married John T. Storey

Cooper Tait Storey, born May 28, 1833
Houston T. Storey, born Feb 8, 1835
Martha Ann Storey, born Apr 8, 1837

(Note) the records seem to be incomplete, as there is indication that one of Robert’s daughters married a man by the name of House, for the children are listed as:

Brewer House, born Nov 9, 1826
Amanda House, born Jan 29, 1828
Martha House, born Nov 29, 1830
James Tait House, born May, 1833.

Osborn D. Tait, son of James was born 11th day of Feb 1832 (There seems to be no connection to this with the others listed above, so apparently there is a page missing from the records, for they are very old.)Martha G. Cooper, born 3 may 1830
Francis M. Cooper, born 30 Oct 1832
Edmond Brewer Tate married Ella Gertrude Mathews, Dec 18, 1866

Ora Eugene Tate, born Oct 16, 1867 married Carrie May Hudson

Ella Rebecca Tate, born Oct 15, 1890
Jean Hudson Tate, born Dec 2, 1892 married: Blanche Simpson (Tate)
Edmond Brewer Tate III, born Feb 5 ?? Killed WWI
Ora Eugene Tate II, born Oct 31, 1898 married Blanche Simpson
Samuel Enos Tate, born Mar 12, 1900 married Eve Belle Dye
William Maurice Tate, born Feb 13, 1902 married Helen Purser
Carrie Sophia Tate, born Jul 19, 1904
Albert Clark Tate, born Sep 6, 1906 married Minnie Belle Wafford
Robert Duncan Tate, born Nov 29, 1908 married Mary Frances Almond
Corra Jane Tate, born Dec 10, 1910 married Raymond Wilson Miller
Peter Martel Tate, born Jul 19, 1913 married Mattie Chapman
Jefferson Davis Tate, born Oct 19, 1916 married Lee Onnie Dickerson
George Richard Tate, born Dec, 3, 1917 married Edna Lyle
Robert Enos Tate, born Nov 28, 1869 Died 1871
Sophia Wooten Tate, born Jan 12, 1871 married Earnest Bigham
Albert Mathews Tate, born Apr 26, 1875
Eddie B. Tate, born Dec 11,1878 Died 1880
Ella Gertrude Tate
Edmond Brewer Tate married Mattie Wright

James Wright Tate married Laura Hemp
Emmae Tate married John A. Horton, Belton, SC

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