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DNA Working Group Meeting via Zoom

OBCGS formed a working group on DNA over three years ago and they continue to meet on the first Saturday of each month. It does not matter what level of understanding you have about DNA – you can join us to learn more! We are in the mode of sharing and discovering more about how …

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May Webinar “Discovering My Paternal Family Using DNA Tools” Presenter: Diana Norton

We are pleased to be able to provide webinars for our regularly scheduled programs this year. We are still under restrictions about the number of people allowed to gather in our meeting space so a webinar is  a suitable alternative. This meeting will be held on Saturday, May 22 from 2:00 – 3:30 pm. This …

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A Tribute to Buncombe Co., NC, and a Man Named Benjamin Kimsey

            What the heck were Lewis and Clark’s first names? “Those are first names,” I said to no one in particular. Being at the end of my book, “Kimsey Rise: A Family of Farmers”, an historical novel taking place around 1805 at the time of Benjamin’s death in Buncombe County and James, his brother’s death, …

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