Stradley, Thomas

BOOK E: Page 491
North Carolina
Buncombe County
I, Thomas Stradley, being of sound mind
and memory do make this my last Will and Testament as follows. …my widow, Lizzie Stradley …to Chas. D. Stradley, Julius Asheville Township, NC Catherine Lance, Laura Lou Ellen Bryson, Annie Hazelton Hayes, Gedwin Francis Stradley, Hester Jennie Williams and Gertrude Arsula Case.
In witness whereof the said Thomas Stradley, does hereunto set my hand and seal.
Signed: Thomas Stradley
Witnessed by J. H. Tucker
Fannie Suber
Severally sworn and subscribed before me, this the 7th day of Feby. 1905
Signed: Marcus Erwin, CSC

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