Sams, James

1. James Sams b. 1686, VA, m. CIR 1715/6, Katheryn Allyn Talbut. James died 1726, VA. His will was probated on 6 December 1726, Having established his family on a plantation, he designated his legal sons as William, aged 9 at his father’s death, and James, 8 years old at his father’s death. Katheryne was the executor of the will.
2. i William Sams b. 1717.
Second Generation
2. William Sams b. 1717, VA, m. Mary.
i John Sams b. 1749, VA.
3. ii James Sams b. 1749/50.
4 iii Edmond Sams b. 1750.
iv Littlebury Sams b. 1754.
v Elijah Sams b. 1760.
vi Rice Sams b. 1766.
vii William Sams, Jr. b. 1775.
Third Generation

3. James Sams b. 1749/50, Halifax Co., VA, m. 1770, M. A. Warren. James died AFT 1820. He was in trouble with the law in Halifax as recorded when he was 14 years old and was tried for assault and battery against John Carroll in 1746. After his marriage to M. A. Warren in 1770, he left home and VA. He was in Surrey Co., NC in the 1771 and 1772 tax lists, but returned to VA by 1774. He had a grist mill in 1789 in Washington Co., TN. Family tradition states that James went to SC for the duration of the Revolution, when he and his family moved to Burke (now Madison) Co., and settled on Little Ivy Creek.
5 . i Warren Sams b. 1722.
ii James Sams b. 1775.
6. iii John Sams.
iv Lott Sams b. 1784, NC.
v Reuben Sams b. 1786, NC.
vi William Hackley Sams b. 1790, NC. 4. Edmond Sams b. 1750, VA, m. Anne Young. Edmond died 21-Jul-1845. Lived in Asheville, Buncombe Co., NC. On the 1800 Census for Buncombe Co.
7. i Orra Sams b. -Nov-1782.

Fourth Generation
5. Warren Sams b. 1722, Surrey Co., NC, m. Maria. Warren died AFT 1850. Warren is on the 1800 Census for Buncombe Co., NC when he was 18 years old.
i Braxton C. Sams b. 1807, NC.
ii John F. Sams b. 1815, KY.
iii Warren Sams, Jr. b. 1817, KY.
iv Calvin Sams b. 1828, TN.6. John Sams m. Agnes Blackwell, (daughter of James Blackwell).
8. i James Brown Sams b. CIR 1793.
9. ii Polly Sams b. CIR 1795.
10. iii Warren Sams b. CIR 1797.
iv Gabriel Sams b. CIR 1800, m. Mary Hampton.
v Delithy Sams b. 22-Jan-1800, m. Jacob Jarrett.
vi John Price Sams b. CIR 1802, m. Winnie Bradley.
vii Orra Sams b. 28-Oct-1804, m. Frederick Sams.
viii William H. Sams b. CIR 1807, TN, m. Sarah (Murray?).
ix Miranda B. Sams b. CIR 1811, m. Otho Felmeth.
x Elizabeth Sams b. CIR 1813, m. Henry Wild.
xi Larkin Sams b. CIR 1815, m. Nancy.

7. Orra Sams b. -Nov-1782, m. Thomas Foster.
11. i Nancy Foster b. 1797.
12. ii Sarah H. Foster b. 1812.

Fifth Generation

8. James Brown Sams b. CIR 1793, m. Mary Hickman, (daughter of Jacob Hickman and Katherine Comer).
i Jacob Comer Sams b. 20-Oct-1817, Burke (now Madison) Co., NC, m. Mary
ii John Hickman Sams b. 25-Sep-1819, m. (1) Catherine Anders, m. (2) Margaret
Cornelia Campbell.
iii Warren Sams b. 1824.
iv LeRoy Washington Sams b. 1825, occupation Reverend, m. Ailsy Brown.
v Josiah Blackwell Sams b. 1829, m. Rebecca Murray.
vi Catherine Sams b. 1832, m. William Tilson.
vii Lucinda Sams b. 1834, m. Ben Woodward.
viii Eliza Sams b. 1838, m. John Brown. 9. Polly Sams b. CIR 1795, Met Jessie Buckner. who sired her children.
i (Unknown) Sams b. CIR 1823, m. S. Elmira Roberts.
ii Samuel Edward Sams b. CIR 1825, m. Catherine Ingles.
iii Gabriel E. Sams b. CIR 1828.
iv Zephaniah Sams b. CIR 1831, m. (1) Sally Carter, m. (2) Elizabeth Thompson.
v Mary J. Buckner b. CIR 1836.
vi Delitha Sams b. !838.
vii Nancy Sams b. 1841, m. Jess Crow.
viii Eliza Sams b. CIR 1844.
ix Locky “Artie” Sams m. Alfred Ledford.

10. Warren Sams b. CIR 1797, m. Naomi Ramsey, b. CIR 1798. Warren died 25-Aug-1884, buried: Sams Cemetery, Grapevine, Madison Co. In the 1860’s lived in the Leicester area of Buncombe Co., NC
i Nancy Sams b. CIR 1818, m. Jacob Smith.
ii Reuben J. Sams b. 3-Mar-1821, m. Elizabeth Ramsey.
iii Flora Sams b. CIR 1826.
13. iv Emeline Sams b. CIR 1829.
v Joseph P. Sams b. CIR 1832.
14. vi William Washington Sams b. CIR 1834.
15. vii Robert R. Sams b. CIR 1836.
viii Ellsberry “Berry” Sams b. CIR 1838.
ix Mary E. Sams b. CIR 1839.

11. Nancy Foster b. 1797, m. James Michel Alexander, b. 1793, d. 1858. Nancy died 1862. James: Resided Asheville, NC
16. i Orra Ann Alexander b. 1824.

12. Sarah H. Foster b. 1812, m. James Cruser Davidson, b. 1806, d. 1891. Sarah died 1890. James: Resided Buncombe Co., NC
17. i Rachel Davidson b. 1839.

Sixth Generation

13. Emeline Sams b. CIR 1829, m. James Redmon, (son of Jeremiah Redmon and Nancy Ramsey).
i Louise Redmon b. 16-Apr-1854, m. Robert Payne.
ii John Ross Redmon b. 27-Dec-1855, m. Emeline Ramsey.
iii Jerry E. Redmon b. 7-Aug-1865, m. (1) Mollie Kent, m. (2) Mary Green, m.
(3) Eliza Treadway. 14. William Washington Sams b. CIR 1834, m. Rachel Moore, b. CIR 1836, TN, (daughter of Baylis Moore and Sarah Stroud). William was a Confederate soldier. He did not return home. Apparently they were separated prior to 1860 census. It is said his wife obtained a divorce and remarried, but in the interim she appears to have borne three children, one possibly by William, “Billy”. After Rachel’s death, William returned from the NE states to live with the children.
i Sarah Caroline Sams b. CIR 1855.
18. ii Mary Ann Sams b. CIR 1857.
iii Lucretia J. Sams b. CIR 1860.
iv Jesse Wallin Sams b. CIR 1868. Not recalled, and may have died young.

15. Robert R. Sams b. CIR 1836, GA, m. Sarah.
i William B. Sams b. 1860.
ii Jefferson Sams b. CIR 1862.
iii Margaret Sams b. CIR 1866.
iv Laura Sams b. CIR 1867.
v Alice Sams b. CIR 1869.

16. Orra Ann Alexander b. 1824, m. John Baxter, b. 1819, d. 1886. Orra died
1859. John: Resided Buncombe Co., NC and Knox Co., TN
19. i Lewis Thompson Baxter b. 1852.

17. Rachel Davidson b. 1839, m. Thomas Catlett Roberts, b. 1831, d. 1899. Rachel died 1910. Thomas: Resided in Buncombe Co., NC
20. i Robert Jackson Roberts b. 1858.

Seventh Generation

18. Mary Ann Sams b. CIR 1857, m. (1) 15-Aug-1871, Thomas Crain, m. (2) Gaither Allen. Gaither: A brother of Patsy Allen who m. Thomas Crain.
Children by Thomas Crain:
21. i Etta Crain b. 1-Nov-1878.
ii Lizzie Crain m. Newt Parker.( seven children)
iii Sarah Ann Crain m. (1) Timothy Fender, m. (2) Allison Lewis.
iv Ella Crain.
v Thomas Crain m. (1) Sally, m. (2) Amarado Hensley.
vi Linda Kay Crain.
vii Robert Crain m. Rebecca Wilburn.Children by Gaither Allen:
viii Alonza Allen.
ix Nathan Allen.
x Rosetta Allen m. ____ Paris.

19. Lewis Thompson Baxter b. 1852, Asheville, NC, m. Joanna Evans, b. 1863, d. 1933. Lewis died 1927. Resided in TN.
22. i Thomas Evans Baxter b. 1891.

20. Robert Jackson Roberts (b. 1858, m. Lura Emma West, b. 1861, d. 1939. Robert died 1933. Resided Buncombe Co., NC
23. i John Harvey Roberts b. 1886.

\Eighth Generation

21. Etta Crain b. 1-Nov-1878, m. Woodfin Bracken, (son of Josh Bracken and Rachel Hensley).
i Welzey Brackin b. CIR 1896, m. Genevia McDevitt.
ii Roy E. Brackin b. 26-Jul-1897, m. Bessie Shelton.
24. iii Hassie Brackin b. CIR 1901.
iv Maryann Brackin m. (1) Harvey Rice, m. (2) Hanse Walden.
v Maude Brackin b. CIR 1902, m. Charles H. Atkins.
vi Mammie Brackin b. CIR 1906, m. 10-May-1924, Rexter Edwards.
vii Hattie Brackin m. Bob Rigsby.
viii Rathie Brackin m. Ila Fender.
ix Fraiser Brackin m. Darcus Shelton.
x Cassie Brackin b. 30-Jul-1921, m. Henry Harley Fender, (son of Lewis
Alexander Fender and Mammie Peek). 22. Thomas Evans Baxter b. 1891, m. Janet Russell Penman, b. 1891, d. 1981. Thomas died 1966.
i Joanna Evans Baxter b. 1926, m. Norton Shattuck Curtis, b. 1921. Residences:
Asheville, NC; San Jose, CA

23. John Harvey Roberts b. 1886, m. Myrtle Lillian Spain, b. 1895, d. 1986. John died 1949. Resided Buncombe Co., NC
i Dorothy Roberts b. 1920, m. Arnold James Hyde, b. 1914. Living in Buncombe
Co., NC

Ninth Generation
24. Hassie Brackin b. CIR 1901, m. Francis Edwards, (son of Williamander Edwards and Hannah Lewis).

i Elbert Edwards b. 9-Jun-1920, m. Hattie Lou Norton.
ii Horace Edwards b. 3-Oct-1921, m. (1) Bernice Crain, m. (2) Kathleen
iii Annie Marie Edwards b. CIR 1923, d. CIR 1928.
iv Velma Edwards b. 21-Jun-1924, m. George Rooney.
v John E. Edwards b. 16-Nov-1927.
vi Datha Edwards b. 16-Nov-1928, m. (1) Garf Horton, m. (2) Jack Griffith.
vii Atha Edwards b. 4-Nov-1929, m. Raleigh Shelton.
viii Wilma Edwards b. 15-Feb-1932, m. Edward McClelland.
ix Frances Edwards b. 1-Mar-1933, m. James Rector.
25. x Steward Edwards b. 26-Feb-1936.
xi V O Edwards b. 2-May-1937, m. (1) Willie Hampton, m. (2) Homer English.
xii Cleophus Edwards b. 1940, m. Lillie Jean Hunnicutt.
xiii Willard Edwards b. 9-Jun-1942, m. Virginia Doris Rice.
xiv Cameron Edwards b. 1-Dec-1945.
xv George Edwards b. 18-Jan-1948, m. (1) Donna Gail Hunnicut, m. (2) Dorothy King

Tenth Generation
25. Steward Edwards (b. 26-Feb-1936, m. Fay Irene Willis, (daughter of Leroy Willis and Velvie May Ramsey).
i Priscilla Irene Edwards b. 30-Apr-1956.
26. ii Barbara Jean Edwards b. 21-Jul-1957.
27. iii Rickie Stewart Edwards b. 21-Sep-1968.
Eleventh Generation

26. Barbara Jean Edwards b. 21-Jul-1957, m. 21-Jul-1957, Roy Harmon Radford, (son of Harmon Woodrow Radford and Foy Irene Ramsey).
i April Dawn Radford b. 19-Apr-1977, d. 1-Jul-1979.

27. Rickie Steward Edwards b. 21-Sep-1968, m. 28-Dec-1990, Sheila Renee Fox, b. 10-Nov-1967, (daughter of Eugene William Fox and Shelby Jean Penland).
i Tyler Reed Edwards b. 10-Oct-1991.

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