Robinson, A. C.

BOOK D: Page 464
August 1, 1899 A. C. Robinson Will
Bettie Hurley $20.00
Tomb Stones 100.00
Family Grave Yard 50.00
Gospel 100.00 A. C. Robinson Will Book
I will Bettie Hurley 20.00 that is all I owe to one and all. I am worth $1000.00.
I give all of them as much as I allowed to. ACR
I will SA Lusk $25.00 that she will not pay …I give M. M. Robinson my testament, my Texas Chair, my bed wear and springs.
“From probate papers”
That the said AC Robinson died in June 1900 and to the best of our knowledge and belief said A. C.  Robinson was of sound mind and memory up to and within a short time of his death. Witnessed By: Thos. Anderson
H. J. Surrett
Joseph Capp
Sworn and subscribed before me this 12th day of December 1900, Marcus Erwin, CSC. 

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