Roberts, Robert

ALOB, Vol. VIII #7, p. 87-98:
“p. 66.  10 April 1840..  I, Robert Roberts, being in indifferent health but of sound and perfect mind & memory.  I give unto my beloved wife Nancy Roberts all my household & kitchen furniture forever, to despose[sic] of as she think proper, with all stock & three negroes, Judson, Joseph & Larkin during her natural life, then to be sold and money divided equally among my children.  I desire my wife to have $100 from the debts due to me.  I give unto my son Shelton(?) Roberts one negro girl named Alnina for ever.  I give unto my son Robert Roberts one negro boy called Cerry forever.  I give unto my son Job Roberts $10.  I give unto my dtr. Levice one negro girl named Mariah forever.  I give unto my son William Roberts $10.  I give unto my son Agusten Roberts one note of hand I hold on himself in the sum of $60.  I give unto my son Pierce Roberts one negro called Harry forever.  I give unto my son Alfred B. Roberts one negro boy named Sam and one rifle gun forever, and I give unto my granddaughter one negro girl called Mary forever, both land and negroes to be under the control of my executors.  I also give unto my son Robert Roberts over what I have given him one tract of land of 50 acres joining Charles McKiney & Jas. A. Buckner and my son Robert, another tract joining Wm. Anderson & the Dweese tract.
I appoint my sons Pierce & Alfred B. Roberts as executors..
Wit; L. Palmer, Jurat, N. Blackstock..
Signed Robert Roberts..
Proved on oath of L. Palmer in open court Oct. Session

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