Roberts, John

from ALOB, vol. Viii #4, p. 87-54:
“p. 36.  6 apr. 1835..  I, John Roberts Sadler (the Sadler may be his trade) being of sound and perfect mind and memory.  I give unto my beloved wife, Nancy Roberts, two feather beds & furniture, a walnut chest, a band box and Indian basket, 1 dining table, 1 looking glass, a tin lantern, all household & kitchen furniture and pewter & tin ware, with my wearing clothes, one shot gun and bag, one rifle and bullet mole & wiper.  one bay horse, six head of cattle.  other items named, also I give my wife Nancy the land whereon I now live containing 145 acres, to have & to hold and to dispose of as she pleases.  I give unto my son Thomas one dollar.  also to son john one dollar, also to son Edmund one dollar, also to daughter Mary one dollar, also to son George one dollar, also to daughter Jane one dollar also what money I have at death to my wife.  I also direct my executor to remove or provide that my wife may be safely conveyed with her effects to her brother Henry Smith now living in the state of Georgia agreeable to her request. 
I hereby make & ordain my friend Robert Williams executor to this my last will. 
wit:  Joseph R. Brank, John N. Gentry & James R. Roberts… 
signed, John Roberts Sadler..
executor sworn in open court April 22, 1835.”

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