Roberts, John

ALOB, Vol. IX #1, p. 88-9 & 88-10: 
“p. 102.  16 Jan. 1845..  I, John Roberts, being of sound mind & memory.  I desire that my executor to give my body a decent burial and pay my funeral expenses with all just debts from my estate.  It is my will that my son Jesse Roberts shall have the proceeds of that tract of land on Walnut Creek known as the Rice fields adjoin lands formerly of Edmond Sams also the land devised to Jesse Roberts children by me with all that tract of land on the East side of Walnut Creek being part of the tract of land that I and Wm. Done now lives on.  The above named land shall be rented out by Jesse Roberts guardian to the highest bidder and the proceeds or rent applyed[sic] to the support of Jesse Roberts during his natural life and after his death the land to be sold and the money equally divided among my heirs that is James Roberts, John Roberts, William Roberts. Thomas Roberts, the heirs of Elizabeth Wallen and the heirs of Polly Henderson, Susanniah Done wife of William Done, Sarah Sams wife of Edmond Sams and the six children of Jesse Roberts to have an equal share that is Patsy Roberts, Vinnah Roberts, above named chn. to have an equal share of the land and that Joseph M. Rice be appointed the guardian for Jesse Roberts at my death.  I give unto my grandson Morgan Done all that tract of land joining the premises where I now live on the West side of Walnut Creek, joining lands of William Done and that granted to me by Strother including the mill seat. 
I appoint my friend William Doarne my executor. 
Wit; J.M. Rice and Garrett Ramsey.. 
Signed John X Roberts..
April Court 1845..  The foregoing will was proven by oath of J.M. Rice and admitted of record..  N. Harrison, Clk…”

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