Robason, Sarah

ALOB, Vol. VIII #9, p. 87-131:
“p. 89.  6 April 1841..  I, Sarah Robason, widow of Wm. Robason decd. being in my right mind and common health.  I will unto my daughter Mary Foster who is to take care of me during my life all the property I have of money notes, furniture or stock, for her to dispose of as she may think best.  I also make and appoint said Mary Foster my administrator on what I may leave. 
Wit; David Duckett and John Raynolds.. 
Signed Sarah X Robason.. 
Feb. term 1843..  The foregoing will was duly proven by oath of David Duckett and admitted of record.  N. Harrision, Clk.  By Thos. L. Gaston, DC.”

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