Rickman Family Bible Record

Rickman Family Bible Record
John Rickman and Jane Osbourne was married August 20th, 1840
John Rickman and Elizabeth Barnett was married April 15th, 1855

John Rickman was born June the 5th AD 1821.
Jane Rickman was born January the 19th AD 1809.
Elizabeth Rickman was born April 17th AD 1826
William R. Rickman was born November 28th AD 1841
Sarah A. Rickman was born June 17th AD 1844
Martin A. Rickman was born June 17th AD 1846
Nicholaas O. Rickman was born October 12th AD 1848
Thomas J. Rickman was born December 8th AD 1849
Jermiah Rickman was born December 1st AD 1851
James P. Rickman was born April 7th AD 1856
Mary I. Rickman was born February 27th AD 1858
Hamelton Rickman was borne February the 15th day AD 1860 [note: died 6-30-61]
Margret E. Rickman was born November January 24th AD 1864 [note: died 1-6-65]

Infant son unnamed deceased January 31st 1843 aged 5 days
Martin A. Rickman deceased November 6th 1{8}46 Aged 25 days
Jane Rickman deceased December the 2d 1851 Aged 42 years 10 months and 14 days.
Hamelton Rickman deceased June 30th day AD 1867 aged one year three months and 15 days
Julius Rickman deceased January the 6th day AD 1865 aged elevn months and 10 days
Mark Rickman departed this life August the 30th 1868
Sarah A. Rickman, wife of R. P. Banning deceased Nov the 2oth AD 1869

Mark Rickman was born February 8th AD 1866
Martin S. Rickman was born November 5th AD 1867
Sidney J. Rickman was born May 20th AD 1870

Loveday Hamilton Barnett, wife of David Barnett B February 19-1800 Died June 1833
--Finley Hamilton died 1802

John Rickman Departed this life February 10th 1892
Sidney J. Rickman died March 19th, 1901
Nicholas O. Rickman died June 2nd 1901
Elizabeth Barnett Rickman March 1917
Mary Jane Rickman Smathers November 7[over 6], 1927

--Thanks to Ruth Dilling

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