Rhodarmer, Noah Family Bible

Courtesy of Hazel Gossett Wright
Copied from the original Record held by Frances R. Rhodarmer, July 7th 1982
wife of James Lowrey Rhodarmer, son of J. Baxter Rhodarmer
I Noah Rhodearmel& Maryan Henson was maried December 29th 1840
Head of Family
I Noah Rhodearmel was born April the 25th 1817
According to the best account Maryan Rhodarmel was born June the 1 1822
Margiman Henry was born January the 5th 1842
John Griffin was born July the 24th 1843
William Kimzy was born July the 19th 1845
Phillip Jasper was born September 18th 1847
Harry Labury was born June the 20th 1849
Harriet Lizebeth was born July the 16th 1851
Mary Viannir was born June the 15th 1853
Nancy Adline was born July the 23 1855
Jetherrow Baxter was born January 1st 1860
Seventh son born June 12th 1862
Phillip Jasper deceast this life July 17th 1848
Nancy Adline deceast this life August 17th 1857
Seventh son not named deceast this life 1863 October 17th
Margiman Henry decest this life January 25th 1865
John Griffin deceast this life between the 10th & 20th of February 1865 at
_____,   Indiana
Harry Labury decest this life November 3 day 1873
Noah Rhodarmer deceast this life November the 4 1887
Maryan Rhodarmer deseast this life September the 17, 1900
Henry Rhodearmel my father deceast this life February 5th 1836
Frances Conrad Sellers decst this life November 12th 1854
Elizebeth Rhodearmel my mother decst this life June 13th 1865
Brther Phillip decest this life December 2nd 1876
Conrad Seller my uncle decest this life February the 17th 1881
Brother John decest this life December 2nd 1859
Artie Lorettie deseast this life October the 21 1899
Spellings in Bible Records are as they appeared in the original.submitted by: Mary Martha (Nieblas) Brown
Published in A Lot of Bunkum, Mar 1983, Vol IV, #3, p. 83-28

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