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Birthdays WNC 1934 – 2014


This “Birthdays Index” is a list of published articles featuring people celebrating their major birthday events. The local Western North Carolina (WNC) newspaper published the announcement alone, usually with a photograph.  Volunteers at OBCGS clipped these articles and glued them to a low acid paper and recorded the vital information into a spreadsheet. Then the page was scanned into the computer for digital preservation.

Over the years the newspapers changed their format of the articles and photographs so you may see some differences.  The index contains the celebrants’ name, their spouse, and parents’ names if given. If available, additional information was gathered, and the published newspaper date was noted.

Sometimes the collected information varied because different people clipped and recorded the articles. For instance, the place of birth was not always recorded so if it was omitted, we did not assume it was Buncombe County or even North Carolina.

A featured person may have more than one announcement published during their lifetime, and there may be valued information in one and not in another, so pay attention to all listings.  Children are listed in many of the articles, too, but their names were not recorded in this index.


Click Here for the BIrthday Index: Birthday Names

If you would like to order a copy of the actual clipping, download the order form:

Birthday Order Form

and fill it out with the names of the person and the date(s) of the clipping(s), insert a check made out to OBCGS for the total amount and mail it to the OBCGS office at P. O. Box 2122, Asheville, NC 28802. You can also personally visit the OBCGS Library to retrieve a copy of the newspaper clipping.

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