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OBCGS Obituary Collection

These obituaries are the scans from our paper files stored in the OBCGS Library.  There are two ways to search this table:

  1.  Add the surname you’re looking for in the Search box at the top right corner of the table. You can also search by year or by newspaper.
  2.  Add the surname to the Search line under Name in the first column of the table. If you want to look for a specific ancestor, put the surname in the box in the top right corner above the table and the first name in the “Name” column search line. You will see only results for that particular person. For more search instructions, go to our Table Use Guidelines.

OBCGS is not responsible for the validity, or lack thereof, of the information in these files. They contain material from a variety of sources, submitted by many individuals over a period of at least 25 years. While useful as clues to further research, nothing in these files should be accepted as fact without verification from original sources.

Copies of obituaries in this index may be purchased from OBCGS for $4.00 each, or viewed and copied from computers in our Library or downloaded from our Electronic Records section on this website. If you would like to join or upgrade your membership to the “Full Access” level to see all the obituaries in our collection in our Electronic Records section, click here and follow the instructions.

You can mail a check with your order form (see below). All orders will be processed as soon as possible and mailed through the U.S. Mail. 

To mail a check with your order, please download and complete our printed order form – Obituary Order Form

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