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This page is designed to house articles, web links, tips and other information useful to those who are researching their family trees using DNA technology.

OBCGS has created a DNA Working Group that usually meets on the first Saturday each month on Zoom or at the library. We discuss all aspects of using DNA technology for genealogical research. Having a group to meet with and discuss this rapidly changing technology has helped many of us understand strategies such as how to interpret our results, how to decide who to contact from our matches, how to share our DNA results and much more.

Below are some articles, websites and more information we are sharing with each other to keep up with this topic.

1. DNAeXplained – Roberta Estes manages over 20 surname projects and runs her company, DNAeXplained, which is focused on individual analysis of DNA results and genealogical research. The company’s website can be found at She also publishes a blog at where she posts many good articles and carries on a conversation with others interested in their DNA work. She publishes a newsletter that is very informative.

2. GEDmatch – a website that provides a service allowing researchers to load their DNA results to be able to match to others interested in finding genealogical connections. It is free, but you need a login and password to use the site located at

3. Most Bang for the DNA Buck – a great article on DNA on the blogThe Legal Genealogist. A MUST READ by anyone who wants to have their DNA tested is written by Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL who is a legal expert, certified genealogist, author, lecturer and more. Her blog at The Legal Genealogist is very interesting and provides a broad base of great information.

4. Chart Comparing Autosomal DNA Testing Companies – created by the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG),  this Wiki page offers a comprehensive chart of information comparing all the companies that provide autosomal testing. Pricing, test methods, sample gathering methods, and source for people in the matching databases are just a few of the comparison topics they provide. This is VERY HELPFUL in understanding what you can expect from the company you test with.

5. Best DNA Testing Kits – published in 2018, the authors did hundreds of hours of research to put together this article comparing five testing companies. They consulted the best genetics experts around to create an informational review of the top DNA tests on the market. Each review contains background information on the DNA test, as well as an in-depth look into the product and its pros/cons for these tests.

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