Reed, Peter

ALOB, Vol. X #2, p. 89-18:
“p. 132.  12 July 1845.  I, Peter Reed, being of sound mind and memory, do make this as my last will & testament.  I give to James Reed my friend & near relative 130 acres of land on the Meadow Branch, including where I now live all in one tract.  I will to my sister Jane Reed one watch, one chest & cupboard, utensils, tools, one rifle gun, one gray mare, all household & kitchen furniture.
I appoint my friend Anthony Ballew as executor.
Wit: James Brevard & John Lanning, Jurett.
Signed Peter Reed..
Proved by the oath of John Lanning, Sr. in open court this Jan. term 1849 & admitted to record.  Alex. Henry, clk.”

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