Reed, Jane

ALOB, Vol. X #6, p. 89-55:
“p. 157.  26 Aug. 1852..  I, Jane Reed, being weak & feeble in body but of a perfect mind & memory.  First I desire that my exectors to pay & satify[sic] all my just debts.  I give unto James Reed all my personal property consisting of three head of cattle, all my sheep, one hog and all my beding[sic], household & kitchen furniture with my wearing apparel, with the exception of one small dresser and one Bible & hymnal book to Hannah Reed, also James Reed to have the further property, one loom, one side saddle & one watch, with all the apparatus belonging to the loom.
I appoint Lawson A. Lanning as my sole executor.
Wit:  E. Reed & James Ownbey..
Signed Jane X Reed..
Proved in open court by the oath of James Ownbey this Jan. term 1853 & ordered recorded..”

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