Reed Family Bible

Submitted by Ethel S. Vochko, 30322 Benecia Ave., Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
JOHN REED supposed to have emigrated from england to New Jersey he being of
english decent – he their intermarreyed with Hannah Davis and deceased Leaving
a surviving widow and Isue John Eldad Madad Moses Elizabeth Sarah Hannah
Rachel Marey and Anna the Widow and fameley abought 1755 emigrated to North
Carolina where Eldad intermareyed with Jean Whitaker an emegrante from
Pensylvania and had issue William Elisabeth Eldad Peter John Hanah Jean and
Lyda and Eldad intermarried with Achsah Lanning in Rowan County on the 5th of
September 1793 and had issue Joseph Eldad John and Anna.
Eldad Reed Junior was married to Elizabeth Gallamore on the 18th of November 1824 she having been born the 5th of August 1804 and had issue as folows Achah Saphronia Naomi Joseph R. John A. Nancy M. Eldad Asa M. Susie H. Collumbus H.Eldad Reed son of Eldad and Jean Reed was Born September the 16th 1767.
Achsah his wife was Born May the 45h[sic] 1766 and married the 5th of September 1793.
Joseph Reed first son of Eldad and Achsah Reed was born on the 11th May 1797.
Eldad their second Son was Born on the 10th of December 1806.Achah daughter of Eldad and Elizabeth Reed was born March 11, 1825.
2nd daughter was born April 26th and died May 6th 1827.
Naomi was born June 10, 1830.
Joseph R. was born Oct 1st 1831.
John A. was born July 17, 1833.
Nancy M. was born Dec 18, 1835.
Nancy M. was born Dec. 18, 1835 [duplicate?]
Eldad was born March 15, 1837.
Asa M. was born March 27, 1838.
Susie H. was born Oct. 14, 1840.
Collumbus H. was born May 3rd 1842.
Samuel B. Reed son John and Altamira was born the 3rd of Oct 1857.
Elisabeth Jane Reed was born March the 20th 1859.
Joseph M. Reed was born the 23rd of September 1860.
Emley V. (?) Reed was Born August the 9th 1862.
John H. Reed was Born November the 8th 1864.
William D. Reed was Borne Aprile the 9th 1867.
James A. Reed was born November the 2, 1873.
David S. Reed was born August the 3, 187_?
John A. Reed was born July 17, 1833.
Charles Edward Reed son of Joseph and Amanda Reed was born March 13, 1882.
Lula Jane Reed their daughter was born August 18th 1883. 

Acshea Reed, consort of Eldad Reed Senior departed this life May the 8th 1845
aged 79 years and 4 days.
Eldad Reed Senior’s thigh amputated 28th of May 1847 and departed this life
24th of June 1849 aged 81 years 9 months and 18 days.
Elizabeth Reed wife of E. Reed deceased the 11th of May 1857 aged __ years, 8
months six days.
Elizabeth Jane, daughter of John and Altimira Reed deceased the 15th of March
John A Reed deceased October the 10th 1867.
Altimira consort of John A. Reed, departed this life February the 11th, 1869
she being born April the 5th 1831.
David S. Reed departed this life April 30, 1876.HARRIET REED WHITAKER, born about Civil War days, wrote a history of the REED
Family of Western N.C., but lacked important Bible information.  Her daughter seems to have located Bible records later, but the present location of this old Bible is now not known.  Sent by Mrs. Nila Bake, 925 Ruth St., Prescott, AZ 86301 (who does not have the Bible.)

“Copied from WILLIAM E. REED’S Bible by Louise Perkinson only child of CHARLES
R. WHITAKER and HARRIET REED WHITAKER his wife.  CHARLES R. (Whitaker) b. 1869
D 1945, Feb. 20.”

William Reed 1st son of William E. Reed & his wife Jean born Sun. 29th Nov 1738 died abt 1800.
John Reed 2nd son born Mon. 28th Oct 10 oclock P.M.     Died Xmas day 1763.
Elizabeth 1st daughter of William Eldad & Jean Reed born Mon 11th Dec PM 1764.
Eldad 3rd son born Thur Midnight 16th Sept 1767.
Peter 4th son born Wed Sunset 28th Aug 1772.
John 5th son born 14th June about noon 1774.
Hannah 2nd daughter born Mon. 8th Jan 1777

Copied from Bible of  William Eldad Reed
     Born 1738
     Died 1830
Married May 1759

Eldad & Aeshea his wife were married on Thursday 5th Sept in the year of our Lord 1793.
Joseph R Reed 1st son of Eldad and Aeshea his wife was born on Thurs. 1 oclock in the morning the 11th May 1797.
Eldad Reed 2nd son was born on Monday in the morning 9th Dec. 1799 near 8 oclock.
Buried at Cane Creek Buncombe Co.
John Reed 3rd son born on Sun morning near 6 oclock 21st Nov 1802 Died 1887. Buried Berea Church yard Buncombe Co.
Jean 3d daughter born about noon 17th Jul 1779.
Elizabeth 4th daughter born 21st April 1782 in evening and Jean (?) Reed was born on Thursday 1st Sept near midnight 1767.
Died 1830 Buried Cane Creek Buncombe Co.
Aeshea Lanning daughter of Joseph and Marg. (?) Lee (?) Lanning was born on the 4th May 1760 and was married on Thursday 5th Sept in Roan Co 1793.
They moved from thence to Buncombe Co. in May 1803.
Buried Cane Creek Grave Yard Buncombe Co.
Anna Reed daughter of Eldad and Aeshia was born Wed 10th Dec near 6 oclock in the morning 1806.
Annie Reed married William Clummons.
Joseph R. Reed 1st son of Eldad & Aeshea Lanning Reed moved to Lawrence Co., Ind. and is buried there in the Reed Cemetery on his place.
Joseph died Dec 28, 1846 aged 49 yrs 7 mo 17 days.
His wife Nancy Reed born April 20th 1792 died Sept 15, 1874 / Married Nancy Rickman.
They had a son Hiram, a daughter Martha married William Rennick.

 A Lot of Bunkum June 1983, Vol. IV, #6, p. 83-60 & 61

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