Price, Linus M.

BOOK C: Page 299
To the Surrogate of the County of Essex, I, John P. Gruet, excutor named in the last will of Linus M. Price, late of the City of Newark, in the County of Essex and the State of New Jersey do hereby apply for probate of said will and shows that the next of kin and his heirs of said Linus M. Price…as follows: Sarah A. Price, mother….James E. Price, brother ….Fredrick H. Price, brother…Frank L. Price, brother…Lizzy H. Barry, sister…Catherine W. Gruet, sister hereinafter follows the will:….
Newark, New Jersey, February 26, 1890
I, Linus M. Price of Newark, Essex County and State of New Jersey hereby make my will this 26th day of February, 1890….in testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand….signed Linus M. Price, witnessed by Arson Adams and W.W. Flannagan.

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