Prestwood, Johnathan

ALOB, Vol. VIII #6, p. 87-82:
“p. 59.  21 Feb. 1838..  I, Johnathan Prestwood, being of sound mind & memory.  I desire that my just debts be paid with my funeral expenses.  I will to my dtr. Jane Basset one bed & furniture.  To my lawfull heirs to wit.  Jane Basset, Peter Deurmon, Austen Prestwood, Aggy Dickson, Esther Giles, William Prestwood, and Thomas Prestwood I desire that the above named heirs have an equal share of my estate.  I desire that my negro Hannah to be free at my death and the said negro to have her bed & her wearing apparel, two pots which is her own, one table walnut, two chests, one big wheel, said negro woman has her choice to live where & with whom she pleases and makes choice of David Vance as her guardian.  My negro girl named Venah to remain with me during my life, then David Vance may purchase said negro at $400 if he refuse, then she to be sold to the highest bidder and the money divided among my heirs.. 
I appoint my friend Robert Williamson, Esq. as executor
Wit; Adam Edmons & William Morris, Jurat.. 
Signed, Johnothan Prestwood.
Proved on oath of William Morris in open Court.  Feb. Session 1839…”

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