Pitmon, Thomas

ALOB, Vol. X #6, p. 89-55:
“p. 158.  8 March 1816..  I, Thomas Pitmon, cooper, being very sick & weak of body, but of perfect mind & memory.  In the first place, I leave the whole of my estate in the hands of my beloved wife Dicy to stenghten[sic] and assist her in raising the family.  In the next place I appoint Robert Rea, Samuel Davidson & Samuel Wilson to value my estate & then leave it in the hands of my executrix for the use & support of the family.  Then a record made of the valuation of the property & each child to have their equal share when of full age.  In the next place
I appoint my beloved wife Dicy as executrix.  I, in the next place, appoint Joseph Rice to see that the contents of this will be justly executed & to take into his possession till lawfull called for.
Wit: James Alexander & Robert Rea, juret..
Signed Thomas X Pitmon.
(On the back of said will April Session 1816)  The last will of Thomas Pitmon, decd. was proved in open court by the oath of Robert Rea.  Signed by John Miller, clk..  Robert Hamilton, d. clk..”

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