Pinner, Burrell

ALOB, Vol. X #2, p. 89-16:
“p. 124.  18 Feb. 1845 – I, Burrell Pinner, being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind & memory.  I give to my beloved wife Elizabeth Pinner the tract of land on which I now live also the land adjoining consisting of  several tracts during her natural life or widowhood.  Also two negroes named Caty about thirty-five years of age and a boy named Tom about seven years of age..  Also all the money cash notes which I may have on hand at my death, one horse her choice of all I may have, two cows & calves, two sows & pigs, ten head of sheep two beds & furniture, farming tools, the corn, roughness (hay) during her natural life or widowhood..  I will that all the balance of my property of every description to be sold on a twelve months credit & to pay my just debts & the balance to be divided amongst my two dtrs. Mary Townsand and Miram Shroat.  I also desire that at my wife death or marriage the land given to her be equally divided between my two dtrs. and the other property to be sold and the money divided among my two dtrs. and my granddaughter Artilisa Townsand to have $50 cash..  The words[sic], corn roughness and stock, including fifty acres of land on Gap Creek interlined before signed in the presence of Joshua Roberts, Juratt & W.R. Murray, Juratt..
Signed Burrell X Pinner.
(no executor)  July term 1847 of Burrell Pinner, decd…  Alex. Henry, clk.”

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