Penland, John

ALOB, Vol. X #7, pp. 89-67 & 89-68:
“p. 166.  3 May 1852..  I, John Penland, being of sound mind & memory, do make this as my last will & testament.  I desire that the land whereon I now live containing some 377 acres to be divided between my sons Charles D. & George Newton Penland as follows.  Begining[sic] on the line between me & J.R. Jones where it crosses the road leading to Thomas Moore’s Creek & to my stable, then to my Spring branch and ten steps above, then a direct line to Hutsell Spring Branch to Hominy Creek, then down said creek to my lower line, now all the land South & West to be Charles’ & the land on the East & North to belong George after the death of their mother.  I will to my beloved wife all my property both real & personal during her natural life.  My will also that my son William Penland shall have the tract of land whereon he now lives being the same that was deeded in trust for me.  My will is that my son Abraham to have a negro girl named Caroline dtr. of Ruth.  My will is also that my son William Penland shall have my negro Ruth.  I will to my son Charles D. Penland my negro boy named Riley.  I will that my son John H. Penland two negroes Sarah & William chn. of Ruth.  I will that James Cathey’s three children $25 each to be paid at the death of my wife.  My will & desire is that all the rest of my estate not mentioned in this will to be sold & divided equally between my children after the death of my beloved wife.
I appoint my sons John H. and G.N. Penland to be executors.
Wit:  Charles Moore & G.W. Candler..
Signed..  John Penland..”

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