Peek, Jesse

ALOB, Vol. VIII #6, p. 87-82: 
“p. 58.  15 Jan. 1837..  I, Jesse Peek, being feble[sic] but of sound mind & memory.  I give unto my beloved wife Jemima all my stock, grain, vessels and property of every kind to have and to hold and despose[sic] of as she please, also I give her all my land lying on waters of Hays Run in Buncombe Co. to make use of it for her needs holding the same so long as she remains a widow, also one side saddle and one bed with the clothing, she may give to whom she think proper.  When she is done with the things I have given to her she is to divide them equally between my two nephews Jesse Peek son of my brother Wm. Peek and Jesse A. Peek son of my brother Jas. Peek and Thomas Floyd at the discretion of Jemima as she may think right & proper only no part comeing[sic] to Thomas Fooge shall be transfered to his kind except to a lawfull issue. 
Wit; Luke Brownson, Jurat & George Peek, Jurat.. 
Signed, Jesse Peek..  Feb. Session 1839, 
Proven in open Court on oath of Luke L. Brownson & George Peek..”

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