Patton, Matthew [Sr.] and Aaron Families

Matthew [Sr.] and Aaron Patton Families
We noted above that George Patton married Nancy, daughter of Aaron Patton. Aaron appears to have been in some way related to Matthew Patton Sr., next to whom he was listed on the 1790 Census. At this time these, as well as Robert Patton, were listed in the 11th Company of Burke Co., which became part of Buncombe in 1791:
Matthew Patten 1-0-3-0-0
Robert. Patten, sad. 1-2-5-0-2
Thos. Patten 3-1-3-0-0
Jas. Patten 1-0-5-0-0
Matthew Patten Sen. 3-0-2-0-1
Aron Patten 1-0-3-0-0 ) adjacent.
Matt Patten Jr. 1-0-1-0-0 )

Note that those listed here included both the family of Matthew Patton and the family of a Thomas Patton Sr., likely some sort of close relation.

Matthew Patton Sr.’s early deeds are lost with the Burke Co. records. He seems to have been living as late as the 1810 Census, but last appears in the deeds in 1796. On 4 Aug. 1796 he sold 50 acres on Swannanoa to Houston Patton (1:412), and on 16 Oct. 1798 he sold another 50 acres on Swannanoa to Matthew Patton Jr. (4.247). At present nothing has been found to prove the identity of the heirs of Matthew Patton Sr. However, it appears that his sons included:

i. probably Aaron (see below).
ii. Matthew Jr., probably died between 1800 and 1810 in Buncombe Co. N.C.
I believe his elder children are represented by a deed of 12 Sept. 1818 in which Mary Patton, John M. Patton, Matthew N. Patton, Hezekiah E. Patton and Silas Rea, for themselves and for the minors of Matthew Patton deceased, sold to Samuel Davidson a tract of 114 acres on both sides of Swannanoa, “including the place where the said Heirs formerly lived.” (11:315). The sons seem to have left Buncombe at this time.
iii. Houston Patton sold his 50 acres on Swannanoa to Samuel W. Davidson on 15 October 1813 (F: 145, witnessed by John Shope). Apparently he left Buncombe at this time.

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