Patton, James A.

ALOB, Vol. XI #6, p. 90-54:
“p. 225..  30 April 1861..  I, James A. Patton, being about to go with my company to repel our Northen[sic] enemies and being aware of the many vicissitude that may attend such a duty desirous of providing for my wife in case I do not return, do make this as my last will & testament revoking all others of a date prior to this; I make my brother W.A. Patton or my friend A.L. Summy executor either or both of them..  It is my wish that all my debts be paid, selecting for that purpose such property as my executors may deem best after consulting with my wife, whose wishes if possible I desire followed out:  If there be any excess it is my wish that it go to my beloved wife Ann E. Patton to reiterate, after my debts are paid, I will desire & bequeath all the residue of my estate of whatever nature it may be, wheather[sic] real, personal or mixed to my wife Annie E. Patton absolutely..
 Wit:  J.M. Blair, J.R. Osborn..
Signed James A. Patton..
Probate June Term 1864″

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