Patton, George

George Patton
son of Robert was born on 20 Sept. 1786 and died in Swannanoa Twp on 13 April 1840, being buried in the Patton cemetery off Bee Tree Road, Swannanoa. (Cemetery Inscriptions of Buncombe Co., Vol. I.) He married Nancy Patton, daughter of Aaron and Magdalene (Cunningham) Patton and, under the name of George Patton Jr. purchased a tract on the north side of Swannanoa from Aaron Patton, witnessed by Samuel W. Davidson, and Robert Patton…. Estate Papers reveal the names of George’s children as follows:i. Marilda Patton married Leander Pendland.
ii. James L. Patton, b. 4 May 1814; d. 14 Feb. 1885. Buried in Patton Cemetery. His children were:a. Samuel A. Patton, born 1832/3
b. George A. Patton, born 1834/5
c. James E. Patton, born 1836/7
d. William M. Patton, born 1838/9
e. Martha J. Patton, born 1840/1
f. John B. Patton, born 1842/3
g. Nancy E. Patton, born 1844/5
h. Robert L. Patton, born 1848/9
i. Rebecca H. Patton, born 1850/1iii. Paulina Patton married Francis A. Bird
iv. Sarah Patton married (..) Young
v. Calvin Patton, 1819- Aug. 1870. His widow Sophia is listed in Swannanoa Twp in 1870. We find an estate record and they left the following children:
a. George L. Patton, born 1844/5.
b. James L. M. Patton, born 1845/6.
c. Elizabeth R. Patton, born 1847/8.
d. Thomas L. Patton, born 1849/50.
e. William C. Patton, born 1851/2.
f. Franklin R. Patton, born 1853/4.
g. Crozier Patton, born 1855/6.
h. Charles M. Patton, born 1858; d. 13 July 1910, buried at Mountain View Baptist Church. i. Erwin Patton, born 1859/60.

vi. Matilda Patton married James F. Pickens.
vii. Rebecca Patton married Daniel Wilfong
viii. Robert C. Patton, born 1828/30: was of Swannanoa Twp. in 1870 with second wife Jane E. and children:

a. Martha J. Patton, born ca 1850
b. John L. Patton, born 1850/51
c. William A. Patton, born 1851/2
d. Elizabeth Patton, born 1852/3
e. George Patton, born 1856/7
f. Adaline Patton, born 1857/8
g. Alice Patton, born 1866/7ix. Lafayette Patton was born 1832/3, died unmarried. Estate administered by Albertus Burgin on 12 Oct. 1853

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