Patton, George and Mary Jane (McDonald) Family

submitted by Dr. Helen Patton
George Patton was born in Ireland, on May 1, 1769, County of Derry and Parish of Tamlacht, and emigrated to America in 1790. With him were his widowed mother and four brothers and two sisters, all of them brought over under the sponsorship of his brother James Patton. The family lived in Philadelphia for about two years, and then James was able to transfer them to Wilkes County, NC. In 1800 George was married to Mary Jane McDonald, and that same year established his family in Macon County. They settled in the “beautiful bowl- shaped” valley of the lower Cartoogechaye Creek, about five miles from Franklin. The settlement came to be known as Patton Valley, and most of the lands in the valley south of the Cartoogechaye Creek were at one time owned by descendants of George Patton.

The children of George and Mary Ann were: James (1800-1824); Jane (1803-1806); Margaret (1805-1895); Andrew Jackson Patton (1807-1878); Elizabeth, (1809-?); William (1811-1907); Mary Ann (1817-1898).

Margaret Patton married Col. Joab Lawrence Moore, son of John, and they had eleven children: James P.; Mary Martha who married John Ingram; William P. who mattied Hattie N. Gash; John J.; Sarah Elizabeth who married John B. Cunningham; Matilda Jane; Nanjie A. who married John McCampbell Lyle; Margaret Adelaide who married Dr. Perry Gaston; Joab L. Jr. who married Lillian McDonnell; Virginia Rosalin who married William Bulgin; and Andrew P. who died in the Civil War.

–Heritage I, article #500, p. 292

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