Patton Families in the 1800 Census

On the 1800 Census for Old Buncombe County, NC, there were 10 Patton Households, with heads as follows: John Patton Sen., John Patton Jun. George N. Patton; Aaron Patton; Brandon Patton; George Patton; James Patton, Jun. Robert H. Patton; James Patton, Sen.; Joseph Patton; George Patton; Robert Patton; Thomas Patton; William Patton; Samuel Patton. We have some information on many of these which may help delineate the various families and indicate any possible relationship. It is thought that the origins are from Ulster Province in (now) Northern Ireland, and may be related, but the American families are not from one common immigrant progenitor in this country. There were several immigrants.

In the Heritage of Old Buncombe Co., Vol. I, there is a long article about James Patton of Asheville, whose roots lead back to Tamlacht Parish/or Townland, County Londonderry, Prov. of Ulster, in (now) Northern Ireland. His children were not listed in that article so they are given here:

1. James W., ca 1803- 26 Dec. 1861, Asheville. Made a will on 22nd Mar. 1861, naming wife Henrietta Keer Patton and children:

i. James Alfred Patton, b. 1831/2, died, in service, having made a will on 30 April 1861. Left a widow, Anna E.
ii. William Augustus Patton, born 1834/5, Estate administered by A. T.
iii. Thomas Walton Patton, born 1840/1.
iv. Frances L. Patton, born 1844/5.2. John E. Patton, born ca. 1808/9, of Buncombe in 1850 and 1870, with a wife, Eliza M. and plenty of property. In 1880 he was living in Asheville with his son, James W. (born ca. 1832).
3. General Benjamin Franklin Patton, born 1806, died 1 Dec. 1840 at Clarksville, Habersham Co., Georgia. (obituary).
4. Thomas T. Patton, disinherited by his father, who left property to his children.
5. Mary Patton, married John Irwin.
6. Ann E. Patton, married (..) Perkins.
7. Rosanna Patton, married Washington Morrison.
8. Adelaide Patton, married Joseph H. Wilson.
9. Jane Patton, married James F. Hardy.
10.daughter Patton, married Dr. George D. Phillips.

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