Patton, Col. John

Family of Col. John Patton
Col. John Patton was born on 14 April 1765. According to Sondley, A History of Buncombe Co., he was born in Virginia and married Ann Mallory, settling in Asheville. According to a grave record, he died on 17 March 1834/1, and is buried at Newton Academy Cemetery in Asheville. His wife Ann is also buried there, her dates being 12 Feb. 1760 – 31 Aug. 1855. Also buried there is a William Patton who died 23 June 1818, aged 76. I wonder if this might be John’s father?

John Patton made a will on 18 April 1827, proven April 1831. Widow Ann Patton made a will on 3 June 1854, proven October 1855. Issue:

1. Elizabeth Patton, married (..) McClachy.
2. Hannah Patton married (..) McKee.
3. Sarah Patton married (..) Jarrett.
4. Mallory Brandon Patton left Buncombe County, N.C.
5. Polly Patton married (..) Smith. [Ed Note: Mary “Polly” Patton married James McConnell Smith – see Heritage of Old Buncombe County, N.C. Vol. I, Article #593 by Mrs. Frances A. McDowell]
6. Robert H. Patton left Buncombe County, NC
7. Harriet D. Patton married (..) Siler
8. Fidelio Patton, born 1 Aug. 1800; died 16 Nov. 1845. Buried at Newton Academy. Estate administered by Joshua Roberts. Left orphan children:i. Ann Eliza Patton, born 1836/7
ii. Ellen Virginia Patton, born 1837/8
iii. John Preston Patton
iv. Lucretia Clay Patton9. Montraville Patton, born ca 1805/6, living in Asheville in 1880. He was a wealthy merchant who also represented Buncombe County, in the N.C. Legislature.
10. Lucinda Patton married (..) Roberts
11. Lorenzo D. Patton.

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